Can you become addicted to reading?

I hate that I’m going to start this blog with a cliche – I can’t believe how quickly this year just flew by! I am somewhat conflicted by some of the choices I have made last year, mostly starting a new part-time job, staying there for eight months, then resigning from that job. I was excited to start it but I later realised it wasn’t for me and it became unsatisfying, isolating, frustrating, never-ending. I felt relieved when I no longer needed to set my alarm clock for 5:00 a.m. every morning or panicking when I accidentally snoozed and failed to set a second alarm. However, I quickly fell into a slump and woke up five hours later, sometimes even at noon, losing half the day to sleep and intermittent naps. It was not a good sign. I needed to get back into a routine.

I wanted to spend time developing my own projects and passions and enjoying what I used to love. I thought about doing many things – reading, writing, travelling, drawing, photography, animation, research, the list goes on. Well, there is one thing I can not stop doing – reading. I read all kinds of books – memoirs, biographies, chick lit, thrillers, self-help, guide books… I am a reading machine! I can’t stop buying books either – paperbacks from bookstores or ordering online, as well as eBooks on Kindle! I read 15 books in four months – September to December! However, I realised that while I was at my last job, I started getting into audio-books because it was just too quiet working in that room by myself with nothing but my own thoughts. I finished seven audio-books within a few months. I guess from then on, I just couldn’t stop. For the last three months, I found myself thinking about reading constantly; if I wasn’t reading, I was browsing and searching for the next book to read. Whenever I got on the train or the bus, I would just start reading. I mean, why waste that commuting time? I purchased a Kindle, which I still can’t believe I didn’t get until last month!

I have set myself a reading challenge for 2019 on Goodreads to read 35 books. Today, I finished my 4th book since starting on 1st January. At this pace, I may surpass my goal. I wish I could just do this for the rest of my life and not worry about anything else. Something just happens to me when I am immersed in a book. Nothing else in the world matters. My thoughts rest and I think only about the characters, the setting, the hidden meanings. My mind opens and absorbs the words on the page. I have learned more from reading books than I have from all my years of schooling. But then…

There are times when I’d forget what time it is, forget to eat or shower or sleep. It is like I can’t live a day without reading. Can you become addicted to reading? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Am I just escaping reality?

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